Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Oral argument fail

 Law360 reports Atty for Ga. Public Defender to State Justices: "I'm Done" telling the tale of a Georgia lawyer who struggled at oral argument before the state Supreme Court. At argument, he threw in the towel, saying "[I] can't keep up with you on this stuff" and "abandoned answering questions," saying "I'm done." The justices "expressed exasperation" when the lawyer either didn't answer their questions or said he couldn't answer their questions. The Chief Justice said, "This is more than once you've come up and said 'I'm not prepared to argue.'" The lawyer said that he was "proud" of his trial court work, but that "I'm going to get somebody to do appellate stuff better than me."

Also: The 2021 Summer Edition of Appellate Issues (from the ABA's Council of Appellate Lawyers) is now available here. This is a special Technology Issue, "focusing on the role technology plays across various aspects of appellate practice," including remote oral arguments, brief readability, appellate blogging, etc.