• The pre-exam disclosure of topics was an "inadvertent human error."
  • The State Bar's leadership decided to disclose the topics to all exam participants without involving the Supreme Court in its decision-making process.
  • The State Bar has implemented procedures and will provide training to prevent future breaches of the confidentiality of documents related to the bar exam.
  • The State Bar should develop procedural protocols for making key decisions in an emergency.
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In this week's Law360 Judging A Book column (where judges draft book reviews),  Judge McKeown Reviews 'Conversations with RBG'
  • Justice Ginsburg speaks extensively about her judicial philosophy, which she defines as an originalism born of the notion that “we are constantly forming a more perfect union, as the Founders intended.”
And here's something unusual: a dissental with 10 recused 9th Cir. judges.