Wednesday, August 25, 2021

ACLU enters delay fray

Today's DJ has ACLU, attorneys say fear prevents complaints about 3rd District
  • Three attorneys have filed declarations with the California Supreme Court stating delays on the 3rd District Court of Appeals harmed their clients. According to a declaration filed by an ACLU attorney, many more are afraid to speak out.
  • The ACLU also filed a letter of amicus curiae to support Eisenberg['s pending writ petition, S269691]. [The ACLU] argued the delays in criminal cases are a serious due process violation. Defendants have already “asserted their rights” by filing an appeal, and the “systematic and inordinate delays in resolving criminal appeals are presumptively prejudicial; no individualized review is necessary”
  • “I’m grateful for the ACLU’s support,” Eisenberg said ... “Their meticulous work validates what I’ve been doing.”