Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Judge Real Knows He's Is Right

Today's DJ presents After 50 Years on the Court, Judge Real Knows he is Right, celebrating Judge Manny Real's half-century on the U.S. District Court. Judge Real is 92 years young and still hears a full docket. He is "almost as well-known for being gracious at legal community functions as he is for his fierce independence -- and appeals court reversals. Judge Stephen Reinhardt drew laughs from the crowd when he said, 'We've had a few problems with Manny on the circuit.'" As for the assertion that he's "been reversed more than any other judge by the 9th Circuit," he says "They have their job and I have my job." He notes that he doesn't like it when remanded cases are assigned to another judge.

Image result for judge real
"I've never, ever, ever wanted to be an appellate judge."

And, to prove that SCAN actually scans all important news sources for relevant material, note today's Bizarrro comic strip here, in which a lawyer addresses a flock of turkeys, saying "The judge ruled against our class-action suit. We could appeal, but that would take well beyond Thursday." Doesn't this lawyer know about writs? Law profs: clip this one and use it for your writs class!
SCAN readers may also find today's Lio comic strip appealing: As Lio is entering a library, a voice emerges from a side alley saying, "Psst! Hey, Kid! C'mere!" The speaker? A television.