Monday, November 21, 2016

Is anyone really watching webcast Supreme Court arguments? Is anyone passing the bar exam?

Image result for oscar awardImage result for emmy awardYES! According to Supreme Court Oral Argument Webcast Archive, "The Supreme Court of California launched its live webcasting of oral argument calendars with the early-May calendar in San Francisco, receiving over 3,500 live views. Following the late-May, June, September, October, and November oral argument calendars that live view number has risen to over 12,000."

For news about the Bar exam see California Bar Exam Pass-Rate Reaches New Low, which reports:
The success rate for those prospective lawyers taking California's July bar exam continues to slide, with only 43 percent earning a passing score on the 2016 test, according to data the state bar released Friday. The pass rate is the lowest for the bar's July or fall sitting in the past 32 years. The number of people who took the test—7,737—was also the smallest in 12 years.