Thursday, January 21, 2016

Guess who's in today's DJ....

None other than former Chief Justice Ronald M. George in New Center Will Enable Us To Narrow The Justice Gap, about the groundbreaking ceremony for the Ron Olson Justice Center, a four-story facility that will house the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles.

At Law360, Martin Schwartz of Miami presents: 6 Types Of Legal 'Mumbo-Jumbo' Attorneys Must Avoid, admonishing lawyers not to use archaic language ("witnesseth," "further affiant sayeth naught"), the "H" words ("herein," "hereto," "hereinafter"), run-on sentences (look out for "... provided, however, that ..."), stupid reader syndrome ("thirty (30)"), repetition ("any and all," "each and every," "terms and provisions").

Quinn Emanuel Boosts Law Clerk Signing Bonus to $75K