Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Justice Scalia to speak at Bar Convention San Diego

Looking for appellate reasons to attend the State Bar Annual Meeting in San Diego this September? Any one of the following should do the trick:

  • Scalia to speak at State Bar’s Annual Meeting Sept. 11-14. (This is a rare treat! The last and only other time a Supreme Court Justice appeared at the State Bar Convention was in 2010, when Justice Kennedy gave the keynote address.)
  • Justice Kennard to be honored at the California Women Lawyers Association Annual Dinner
  • Hey, let's put on a show!
    The Chief is always there, doing Chiefly things (like swearing in new bar leaders), and she'll also be joined by Justices Baxter, Chin, Corrigan and Liu in presenting a dramatization of The Life of Chief Justice David S. Terry and Federalism: A Life and Doctrine in Three Acts.
  • The State Bar Committee on Appellate Courts (CAC) will be presenting five programs (helping you collect appellate specialization MCLE credits):
    • Ethical Issues in Appellate Practice
    • Everything But the Brief on the Merits: A Behind the Scenes Look at Appellate Practice
    • Forfeiture: A Four-Letter Word in the Court of Appeal
    • Probate Law Appeals: Tips, Tricks & Strategies
    • From Bench to Bar: Former Appellate Justices Discuss Appellate Practice