Tuesday, July 1, 2014

King of the Hill / Steve Jahr / Barry Bonds

Today's DJ profiles the 5th District's PJ, Brad Hill, described as a "prominent figure in the statewide administration of the judiciary" based on his many years on the Judicial Council. Other adjectives include gracious, efficient, creative, thorough, direct, thoughtful. He is quoted: "what's really important is the law. ...[If] you start getting in to personalities or preparation or how it was presented, it maybe diverts attention from who wins, who loses, here's why and here's the law."

"a play-by-the-rules centrist who has a reputation as a calming presence when emotions run high"
Also mentioned in the profile.

And, making it an appellate double-header today for the DJ's Emily Green, see also: New State Appellate Appointees Include Federal Judge, Same-Sex Marriage Advocate. At the Recorder, see Stewart Tapped for First District.

Apart from losing its name, the AOC is about to lose its head: Administrative Director Steven Jahr Announces Retirement.

Hey baseball fans, the 9th Circuit has granted en banc review in the Barry Bonds case (here).