Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Faster Ninth Circuit?

Don't miss the Ninth Circuit's 2012 Annual Report outlining every detail of operations from last year at the nation's busiest appellate court -- personnel, facilities, programs, statistics.... This is a must read for appellate wonks.  The number one question from clients (ok, maybe number 2, after "how much will it cost?") is "how long will it take to get a decision?" Chart 3 (on page 61) provides statistics showing slight increases in speed. The median interval from notice of appeal to disposition is down to 15.3 months from 17.4 months. Of course that's a median -- so  many appeals take much longer.
Actually, the number one question may be "what's the reversal rate?" Again page 61 has some insight: The overall reversal rate was 7.7% with civil matters involving the government at 15%. En banc stats are in Chart 5 (page 62).