Friday, April 19, 2013

Today's DJ appellate articles

The Daily Journal is a reliable source of appellate law articles -- or perhaps its more accurate to say that California's appellate bar is a reliable source of articles that the DJ will publish. Today's edition contains two articles of note: Myron Moskovitz has an article titled Strategize Before Drafting A Statement of Decision and Simon Goodfellow has one titled Your Opponent Appeals an Order to Arbitrate: Can he do that?
Thanks for the tips, guys!

And today's Law360 Appellate has an article titled 5 Tips For Keeping An Appeal On The Table. One of the bromidic quintet is "Hone in on Appealable Issues." I'd add a tip: Consult Garner's Modern American Usage to learn that the traditionally correct phrasing is "home in," not "hone in."