Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A garish distortion of the record equals...

Q: So what happens when an opinion from 4/1 says: "[w]e are troubled by Attorney Defendants utter failure to provide a 'summary of significant facts limited to matters in the record'" and "Defendants' appeal garishly distorts the record and has no basis in law or fact..." and "We cannot sit idly by when several members of the bar fail to live up to the standards of the profession"?

A: Appellate sanctions of over over $60K (of which $8,500 goes to the Court of Appeal).

Details about this anti-SLAPP/appellate sanctions extravaganza at Kleveland v. Siegel & Wolensky, LLP.

Things get a bit eerie (in a good way!) for Kleveland.
As far as we know, this famous steakhouse
has nothing to do with the sanctioned Appellants.