Friday, April 19, 2013

Herb Fox on Tricky Dick's Early Days

Appellate lawyers do a lot of legal research. In the course of that exhaustive (and exhausting) review of case law, interesting tidbits often pop out. When that happens, please share them with SCAN, as Herb Fox has done. Herb writes:
While researching a string of cites in another case, I came across a 1942 opinion from the Second District COA describing a "young attorney" by the name of Richard M. Nixon, who  in 1938 accepted a property in satisfaction of a judgment in his client's favor, allegedly without her consent or knowledge.  The Court of Appeal said that Nixon "was occasionally employed by the firm of Wingert and Bewley" as their “outside man...” [whatever that means! (Michael Clayton?)The trial court apparently found no wrongdoing by our soon to be famous Tricky Dick. The case is Schee v. Holt (1942) 56 Cal.App.2d 364.
Young Mr. Nixon