Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cardinals v. Ordinals

Today's DJ has an article titled Interpretation of Brinker in Doubt After Depublication of Meal and Rest Opinions, which discusses the Supreme Court's recent depublication orders of three opinions from 2/8. The article contains quotes from SoCal appellate regulars Lisa Perrochet and retired Justice Carlos Moreno about the depublication, which is (of course) the focus of the article and of great interest.

But what really irks me about the article is how its refers to the "appellate district's 8th division."
This phrasing should grate on the ears of any reader of this blog. Once more, with feeling:
Appellate districts are ordinal numbers (First District, Second District, etc. to the Sixth District);
Divisions take cardinal numbers (Division One, Division Two, etc. to Division Eight).

Is this persistent problem the end of the world? Of course, not. (For that, we had the Mayans:

But it's annoying that the legal press and many lawyers can't seem to properly name the courts.
At SCAN we take this seriously!