Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hollar for Haller!

"The California Supreme Court today announced the appointment of three new members to fill vacancies on the Supreme Court Committee on Judicial Ethics Opinions (CJEO), an independent committee appointed by the court to help inform the judiciary and the public concerning judicial ethics topics."

One of the three appointments is 4/1's Justice Haller, who has the perfect background for such an appointment. She has lectured widely on legal ethics and has earned a plethora of awards and honors, including honors at last year's 9th Circuit Judicial Conference on Maui.

Judith L. Haller, Associate Justice

Other CJEO SoCal Appellate notables include: 4/2's Justice Miller (CEJO's vice-chair) and LASC Judge John Wiley (who has often pro temed at the Second District). Note also that the CEJO's chair is the 3d District's Justice Robie and that 1/4's Justice Rivera is also on the committee.

Speaking of Justice Miller, he's quoted in an article in today's DJ (Judicial Branch Works to Reduce Committees). As head of the Judicial Council's Executive and Planning Committee he's working on "economizing" the Judicial Council's 30 or so committees and advisory groups.