Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stormclouds for Appellate Mediation

The Recorder has an upsetting article today titled First District Mulls Future of Mediation Program, which notes that the program administrator has left the court to start a private appellate mediation practice and that no new mediations are being scheduled. The First District's program, started in 1999, was a leader and early innovator in the world of appellate settlement. The apparent impending demise of the program appears to be a cost-savings issue, even though much of the mediation work was conducted by volunteers.

The article notes that 4/3 ended its mediation program a few years ago for budgetary reasons. 4/3's website state's the program was discontinued in July 2011.
Let's hope that this disturbing trend does not continue.

Info on the 2d District's program is here:
4/1's program is described here:
Info on 4/2's program is here: