Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Justice Thomas: Lifting the Veil

Speaking of that other Supreme Court, Justice Clarence Thomas discussed the court recently at the Utah Star Bar summer convention.

Despite apprehensions, upon joining the court the justice "found it to be a warm, professional and dignified place, where even the most senior justices were vitally engaged in the enterprise of judging.  The court 'actually is a family,' he said, and the members come to love and regard each other as people, who are not defined by their opinions," reports Brooke Adams of the Salt Lake Tribune.

On the other hand, "[w]hen he first arrived on the court, members 'actually listened to lawyers,' Thomas said. 'We have ceased doing that.  Now it’s become a debate or seminar.  I don’t find that particularly helpful.  It may be entertaining, but I am not there to entertain anybody.'"  (h/t How Appealing)