Thursday, September 8, 2022

Sanctions imposed for bad appendix


In an unpub'd decision today, 2/6 issues appellate sanctions here:

  • Krablin has filed two motions seeking monetary sanctions against IQ and/or its attorneys for (1) submitting an inadequate appellant’s appendix and (2) pursuing a frivolous appeal. We grant the first motion and order IQ’s attorneys to pay Krablin $15,050 to compensate him for the attorney fees incurred to obtain the corrected appendix. With some reluctance, we deny the second motion.
  • Although the 10volume appendix was 2,600 pages in length, it did not include the judgment, operative complaint, register of actions and 14 other necessary documents.
  • Much as we are troubled by IQ’s unsupportable arguments, we assume that counsel’s motive was their misguided view that they were providing vigorous advocacy.