Monday, September 12, 2022

Appellate round-up

The Recorder has: Judge [Bea] Chides Colleagues for Using 'Noncitizen' Instead of 'Alien' in Immigration Ruling -- The majority [Murguia & Berzon] said readers might find the word "alien" to be offensive and opted for the term "noncitizen" instead.

Bloomberg Law has John Roberts Decries Attacks on Supreme Court’s ‘Legitimacy’

Law360 has Roberts Seeks Return To Normalcy: 'More Normal, The Better'

And Law360 also has High Court 'Shadow Docket' Still A Long Shot For Companies

The US Courts News reports Supreme Court Fellowship Program Resumes with 4 New Fellows

Four new U.S. Supreme Court Fellows are set to begin their 2022-2023 fellowships in September. They are the first to experience the program in-person in nearly two years; the COVID-19 pandemic forced the 2020-2021 class to work virtually and led to a decision to pause the program the following year.

The DJ has PJ Gilbert's Mistakes v. Errors.

On Sept. 29 (noon to 1:30 at the Biltmore) FBA-LA will have Dean Chemersinky's SCOTUS review program, as well as the Judge Barry Russell Federal Practice Award. Details here.

As for cases, here's one where the appeal gets dismissed as untimely, but here's one where an untimely appeal is saved by the doctrine of constructive filing (which applies for incarcerated appellants).