Monday, May 30, 2022

1st DCA on Tentatives

The 1st DCA's Local Rule 15 will be amended, effective June 24, 2022, to read in its entirety:

Rule 15. Focus Letters and Tentative Opinions

(a) [Focus Letters] Panels may issue focus orders or letters in cases scheduled for oral argument. These orders or letters are issued before argument, and they notify the parties about particular issues the panel is interested in discussing.

(b) [Tentative Opinions] Panels may, in their sole discretion, issue tentative opinions in cases scheduled for oral argument. Any such tentative opinion will be issued before the argument, and the parties will be notified that the court is prepared to rule along the lines indicated in the tentative opinion. When a tentative opinion is issued, oral argument will be held only if a party that originally requested oral argument notifies the court, opposing counsel, and unrepresented parties, that they still wish to proceed with oral argument. If such a notification is given, oral argument will proceed as scheduled, and the views expressed in the tentative opinion will be subject to change. If no such notification is given, oral argument will not be held, and the court’s final opinion will reflect the substance of the tentative opinion.