Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Appellate articles of interest

Yesterday's DJ had a couple appellate articles of note:

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  • The Appellate Zealots column by Charles Kagay covered the Cal Supremes' anti-SLAPP opinion in Barry v. State Bar of California (2017) 2 Cal.4th 318 in No Anti-SLAPP Jurisdiction, No Problem. The article cleverly introduces the case by citing the famous Paradox of the Court.
  • Appellate specialist David Ozeran penned Ruling is a Change of Course on Mandatory Relief, discussing a split of authority "between courts that applied mandatory relief to proceedings that resulted in the functional equivalent of dismissal and courts that strictly construed the statute as applying only to defaults, default judgments and dismissals, as specified in the statute."
  • Attorney/mediator and presidential historian James Attridge shares interesting tales in American Presidents Take on the Taxman.

And on the topic of legal history, the WSJ presents Darrow Statue Stokes Ire --- Memories are still raw over the lawyer's 1925 role in defending the teaching of evolution.