Monday, April 3, 2017

Upcoming appellate programs

Image result for save the datesWednesday, April 12, the LACBA Appellate Courts Section offers Honing Your Craft: Judicial and Advocate Perspectives on Drafting Persuasive Briefs (featuring Justice Hoffstadt).

Thursday, May 4, the Beverly Hills Bar Association presents Dean Chemerinsky, focusing on recent and pending United States Supreme Court cases, with an emphasis on business-related decisions.  He will also discuss the current and likely future Supreme Court. <4/4 note: The DJ reports today that Dean Chemerinsky is a candidate to lead UC Berkeley law school! Could he really leave SoCal (again)?! Let's hope not!>

Tuesday, May 9, LACBA's ACS presents Never a Final Judgment: Appealing Probate Court Orders (featuring Justice Segal).

Tuesday, June 6, LACBA's ACS presents Five Fatal Mistakes that Could Doom Your Writ and How to Avoid Them (featuring Senior Writs Attorneys Pablo Drobny and Sharon Baumgold).