Monday, April 3, 2017

Today's DJ installments

It's a new month, which means new installments of appellatey monthly DJ columns:

Image result for fletch as lakerToday's DJ features PJ Gilbert's Under Submission column, A Perfect Layup, about how Shaq (that's Shaquille O'Neal, for non-sports-loving appellate types) read one of PJ Gilbert's columns. Apart from a funny story, the column provides a citation to the famous footnote 2 in People v. Arno (1979)  90 Cal.App.3d 505, 514--which is something appellate folks should recognize even before recognizing Shaq or Kobe.

In the Moskovitz on Appeal column, Writs: Part III, Myron focuses on form, noting that if you omit something critical from your writ petition (like the RT of the critical hearing), you may get a summary denial. He also reviews some procedural basics: ask for a CCP 166.1 order, if appropriate; file on time; correctly title the petition ("Petition for Writ of Mandate or Other Appropriate Relief"); properly request immediate relief, if appropriate.

Image result for bronko nagurski
Bronko Nagurski
And a new month also brings a new Beds column: See Fight On, about legislative responses to court opinions.