Monday, December 2, 2013

What if ... Ron George was on the 9th Circuit?

Here's a Harry Turtledove question: What if Ron George accepted the seat on the Ninth Circuit he was offered in 1987? Well, as Bob Egelko muses here, California could be a different place.

(Check out this article too: Former Chief offers behind the scenes look at his term, where the former chief says about his book: "There’s also a certain amount of inside baseball in terms of things that would be of interest primarily to appellate practitioners reflecting the inner workings of the California Supreme Court, the decision-making and case assignment processes and other things as well.")
And speaking of counterfactuals, what if your cert petition were actually granted? You'd want to brush up on David Frederick's Essentials of Supreme Court Practice: Demystifying Practice Before the Legal Profession's Most Hallowed and Intimidating Chamber in Delaware Lawyer (the current issue is devoted to appellate practice).

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