Monday, December 2, 2013

DJ Profiles Justice Werdegar

Today's DJ profiles Justice Werdegar, "a female trailblazer," and "a Republican appointee to the state high court [who] has emerged as a liberal," according to the article (another tour de force by Emily Green, who gathered great quotes from great sources).
At times "acerbic," she can be "mistaken as snobby," "when she is in fact shy." According to former CJ Lucas, "she is a very nice woman and well bred." Retired Justice/ambassador(?) Moreno says "She's very composed and proper." "Most people assumed that she came from privilege and had an easy childhood and she did not." Judge Henderson says "She is very careful [and] very measured."

Associate Justice Kathryn M. Werdegar
"Doesn't care which way the wind blows."

Finally is it "er" or "ar"? Well, She says, please pronounce her last name congruent with its spelling: so, "ar," laddies and lasses.

Also in today's DJ is PJ Gilbert's column, he's "hearing disembodied voices," chopping away at telephone trees, and pondering telephonic oral arguments:

Why not have phone-in oral arguments with voice prompts in the Court of Appeal? The appellate attorney will call a number and state the case name. A typical voice prompt will ask, "Does not the Becker case you cite in your brief defeat rather than support your argument? Please respond. I didn't quite get that. Please repeat." If any attorney stays on the line in the hope she will speak to a representative... it will be a long wait.