Tuesday, January 8, 2019

DJ profiles 2/3's Anne Egerton

Today's DJ profiles 2/3's Justice Anne Egerton in The  Right Answer: As a lawyer, trial judge, and now on the 2nd District Court of Appeal, Justice Anne Egerton is known for doing the difficult work to tackle new and complex issues. (Jan. 8 is her profile Day! Her last DJ profile ran Jan. 8, 2010.)
  • Egerton, who celebrated a year in the 2nd District’s Division Three last month, has had a variety of specialties over the years and attorneys who appeared before her consider her a quick study.
  • Before Gov. Gray Davis appointed her to the superior court bench in 2001, she had never had a criminal case. But ... the deputy district attorney who ran the daily calendar in Egerton’s courtroom, said no one would know it.
  • Before her judicial appointment, Egerton spent most of her time doing civil litigation as a partner at Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP. When Munger Tolles started doing work for ABC, Egerton, whose father was a journalist, jumped at the chance to engage in media topics.
  • Egerton said Division Three, which was previously staffed with the same four justices for decades, continues its reputation of congeniality and closeness.
  • It’s also a bonus that her husband, former Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge John S. Wiley Jr. was confirmed to the Court of Appeal in December and now sits down the hall in Division Eight.