Thursday, July 20, 2017

Tino v. The Terminator?

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See in today's Recorder What Worries a Calif. Supreme Court Justice About AI and the Law? to learn that while there "are many complicated issues that undoubtedly weigh on the mind of California Supreme Court Justice Mariano-Florentino Cuellar," "the notion that super-intelligent robots might one day destroy humanity is apparently not one of them." This year the good justice is not at Comic-Con in San Diego, but rather at the equally amazing 9th Circuit Judicial Conference in San Francisco. The DJ reports in 9th Circuit Conference considers AI, gender discrimination, that Justice Cuellar "championed his cautious optimism about artificial intelligence's futuer capabilities." (Next year's conference will be held at Westworld resort...) [7/24 Update: See Justice Cuellar's note to The Recorder in Letter to the Editor: Don't Ignore the Risks of "Superintelligence"]

In other dispatches from dorkdom, the legal-internet is exploding with links to this 11th Circuit opinion here, which starts off with a quote from Tyrion Lannister. (FYI, last summer a Kenyan decision included a meaty GOT quote here; and, of course, closer to home, in the 9th Cir. we have Judge Owens.)

This week's DJ supplement on "Top Labor & Employment Lawyers 2017" includes a number who admit to doing appeals as part of their "specialty": Paul Cane (Paul Hastings), Glen Danas (Capstone Law), Monique Olivier (Duckworth Peters), Norm Pine (Pine Pine), Michael Rubin (Altshuler Berzon), Linda Savitt (Ballard Rosenbergt), Felix Shafir (H&L), Mani Sheik (Sheik Law), and Richard Simmons (Sheppard Mullin).