Friday, July 21, 2017

SCOTUS Cafeteria article

Today's Wall St. Journal runs Welcome to the Supreme Court! The Turkey Wraps Need More Mayo --- By custom, the most-junior justice must run the building's infamous cafeteria, about SCOTUS's cafeteria (on the ground floor, open to the public, seats 185, open M-F 7:30-4:00). The article is filled with bad food puns, and yet is still amusing. The cafeteria gets 4.5 stars on Google, 3.5 on Trip Advisor, and 3.5 on Yelp.
Image result for scotus cafeteria"The windowless cafeteria, decorated with photos of the Supreme Court, offers a range of items, including hamburgers ($5.70; cheese is 30 cents extra), chicken tenders ($5), sweet potato fries ($2.30) and two soups a day."
More heartburn came in 2010, when the Washington Post ran a series reviewing government cafeterias. The House of Representatives came in first, with a grade of A.
The Patent and Trademark Office, the Pentagon and the State Department each got a C, while the Agriculture Department and the National Institutes of Health barely passed with D's.
Then came the Supreme Court. "This food should be unconstitutional," the paper said, citing a "falling-apart mushy" veggie burger and a salmon rice bowl that "bears no resemblance to any salmon I've tasted before." Grade: F.
"I got a note from the chief justice the next day," Justice Sotomayor says. "It said: 'You're fired.'"