Friday, June 16, 2017

Today's tidbits

Today's DJ features Ruling Limits Ability to Appeal Class Cert Denial by Jeffrey LeVee and Jason Wright of Jones Day about Monday's SCOTUS opinion in Microsoft v. Baker.

Regarding that opinion, all 8 justices agreed that the order can't be appealed; but SCAN would like to run a poll: Which analysis seems stronger, the 17-page majority opinion (premised on 28 U.S.C. sec. 1291) or the 4-page concurring opinion (premised on Article III, sec. 2's 'cases and controversies')?

Re the "Use and Abuse of FRAP 28(j) Letters," the 5th Circuit recently posted this interesting announcement here.

Law360 offers BigLaw Appellate Associates Cut Teeth On Pro Bono Cases, which begins:
The high-supply, low-demand nature of corporate appellate work means that BigLaw associates rarely, if ever, get the chance to develop their skills arguing civil appeals in live court. But a growing number of young lawyers has found a creative and indeed altruistic solution to the problem: pro bono work.
And the State Bar Litigation Section's June 2017 Litigation Update is now available here.

Last week the DJ did a spread on law school graduation speakers, including Justice Cuellar (Chapman Univ.) and Judges Kozinski and Watford (UCI and UCLA, respectively).