Thursday, June 15, 2017

Incredible Shrinking Appellate Courts

The Federal Courts reports that Courts of Appeals Help Lead Space Reduction Push, by reducing library space and converting traditional judges' chambers for visiting judges into open-format drop-in suites:
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The 12 regional Courts of Appeals are playing an outsized role in helping the federal Judiciary to achieve its five-year goal for reducing courthouse and office space.

The appellate courts account for just 11 percent of Judiciary property, but make up nearly 25 percent of all space reduction that has been completed or is underway. Leading the way have been projects shrinking space for circuit libraries, staff attorney offices, and chambers for out-of-town judges who travel to their circuit headquarters when they hear cases.

“The courts have benefited from the constant march of technology,” said Jesse Cannon, Assistant Circuit Executive for space and facilities for the Fifth Circuit, which includes Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi. “More and more tasks are done by technology … and more employees are able to work from remote locations.”
(The 9th Circuit is not mentioned in the article.)