Thursday, March 9, 2017

Werdegar retirement articles...

The DJ offers Longtime State Supreme Court Justice Retires: "Werdegar leaves behind a legacy as a female trailblazer in the law and a jurist recognized for her defense of human rights and civil liberties." ""It's a new chapter in my life, which will have many rewards," Werdegar said in an interview. " Werdegar said she plans to reconnect with friends and enjoy time for hikes." 

The Sacramento Bee offers Werdegar retirement gives Jerry Brown chance to further mold California Supreme Court: "Werdegar’s departure, set for Aug. 31, will give Brown his fourth opportunity in his second stint as governor to mold the seven-member California Supreme Court, long regarded by legal experts as among the most influential in the nation."

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The Recorder has Calif.Justice Werdegar, After 23 Years, Will Retire in August: "Werdegar was the author for, or concurring vote in, left-leaning opinions that addressed social issues such as gay marriage, discrimination in the Boy Scouts and abortion restrictions." "Asked Wednesday which opinions she relished the most in her time on the bench, she said “some of my dissents.”" "Supreme Court observers have speculated for several years that James Humes, presiding justice of the First District Court of Appeal’s Division One, could be a leading candidate for any Supreme Court vacancy."

Law360 has Calif. Justice Werdegar To Step Down After 23 Years

The MetNews has Justice Kathryn Werdegar to Retire This Summer: “It’s been a very lengthy and interesting road,” the justice told the MetNews. “I have mixed feelings. I love my colleagues and I love my work. But I look forward to more freedom.” 

The SF Chronicle has State high court Justice Werdegar to retire

The LA Times presents State Supreme Court Justice Kathryn Werdegar will retire, giving Gov. Jerry Brown a decisive pick on the powerful panel
[and 3/13 As Justice Kathryn Werdegar prepares to retire, Brown will soon have a Democratic majority on state's top court]