Thursday, March 9, 2017

California Appellate Law Group's SoCal beachhead

In Boutique That Doesn't Pay Salaries Bags Farella Braun Litigator, The Recorder profiles the California Appellate Law Group, a "Bay Area-based appellate boutique, which since January 2015 has tripled in size to 13 lawyers," and hopes to "increase its visibility in Southern California." Hiring Santa Barbara's John Derrick "was the first step ... to open[ing] a full office in Southern California later this year, probably by this summer."

CALG's structure is unlike most firms. It has no associates and only two partners. The majority of its lawyers are listed as counsel. To keep overhead costs low, the firm doesn't pay its lawyers salaries—instead, CALG divides its income based on a set percentage. The firm also has no minimum billable hour requirement.