Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Federal Court Stats are out!

AO Releases Annual Report and Court Statistics

The year 2016 was a time of innovation and progress at the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, the agency reported today in two releases detailing its activities and programs over the 12-month period.

The second report, the 2016 Judicial Business of the United States Courts, provides statistical tables about federal cases filed by circuit, district, and offense or nature of suit, among many other topics. A multi-year comparison of judicial caseload indicators is included.

Caseload Highlights

U.S. Courts of Appeals

  • In the regional courts of appeals, filings grew 15 percent to 60,357.
  • Appeals involving pro se litigants, which constituted 52 percent of filings, rose 18 percent.
  • Criminal appeals remained stable, increasing 1 percent.
  • Civil appeals decreased 2 percent.
  • Appeals of administrative agency decisions declined 9 percent. 
Tables here

The Tables you care about!
Table B-4 U.S. Courts of Appeals -- Median Time Intervals
In the 9th Circuit, the median time from briefing to oral argument/submission = 14.7 months (by far the longest -- the next slowest is the 8th Circuit at 4.9 months)
From 9th Cir. oral argument to opinion = 1.l months, which is the second fastest turnaround.

Table B-5 U.S. Court of Appeals -- Decisions
In the 9th Circuit, the reversal rate in private civil cases = 16.3%

Judicial Conference Asks Congress to Create New Judgeships

The Judicial Conference of the United States today agreed to recommend to Congress the creation of 57 new Article III judgeships in the courts of appeals and district courts. If an omnibus judgeship bill is enacted into law, it would be first new comprehensive judgeship legislation to take effect in more than 26 years.
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(The Conference is recommending five more seats for the 9th Circuit.)