Monday, March 20, 2017

Appellate Tidbits

  • Today's Moskovitz on Appeals column is Writs: Part II, explaining that to pique an appellate court's interest in your writ petition, you should show: immediacy ("the issue must be resolved now"); a need to clarify the law; and a serious injustice by the trial court.
  • There are several hundred Certified Appellate Law Specialists in California now. The vast majority of these lawyers are in California, of course. But a few (9) list out-of-state addresses. There are our neighbors: Oregon (has two) and Nevada (which created its own intermediate appellate court in 2014). But then there're also Illinois, Texas (also has two), New Mexico (probably the first state to implement appellate specialization), Ohio, and Vermont! It's surprising not to see Hawaii on this list!
  • An interesting fn.1 here re use of unpublished decisions.
The DJ just reported as a "breaking news" alert: State Bar Prevails in Contentious Legal Battle, regarding the case involving former Executive Director Joseph Dunn.
And this afternoon The Recorder offers Arbitrator Rejects Remainder of Ousted Bar Leader's Claims.