Thursday, February 16, 2017

Reading & Viewing for the rest of the day!

The Winter edition of Appellate Issues (the publication of the ABA's Council of Appellate Lawyers) is available here. This is an appellate box of chocolates you will enjoy!

The U.S. Courts offers a video in honor of African American History Month, Moments In History: Remembering Thurgood Marshall.

The State Bar's Litigation Section presents the February issue of Litigation Update.

The NYT presents Older Judges and Vacant Seats Give Trump Huge Power to Shape American Courts. Currently, 112 of the 870 Article III judgeships are vacant. "Trump could fill more judicial vacancies than any first-term president in decades."

Also of note, Supreme Court makes Appointments to Commission on Judicial Performance: Justice Ignazio J. Ruvolo Reappointed.

The 2017 Civic Learning Award Winners (to celebrate public schools' commitment to teaching civics) have been announced (over 50 schools) and two (of the three) schools receiving Awards of Excellence are in SoCal: Eastman Avenue Elementary School in LA and Pacific High School in OC. Those schools will receive a visit from the Chief Justice of California!