Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Another Pregerson profile

Dean Pregerson at FBI in 2015.jpgToday's DJ profiles Judge Pregerson the Younger, i.e., Dean Pregerson (US District Judge Dean Pregerson's 20 years of rulings has changed lives, protected prisoners), son of 9th Circuit Judge Harry Pregerson. Deja vu? Today's DJ profile follows a profile by another DJ reporter just last month (Jan. 18, District Judge Dean Pregerson of Los Angeles on senior status, handling civil calendar). Before that there was one in 2007 (Feb. 12, For One Central District Judge, It's a Family Tradition).

Q: How do you know when to petition for review?
A: When your decision contains one footnote pointing out a split of authority, and another footnote points out that any PFR would probably be granted and held pending a decision in a case on review. Like footnotes 2 and 3 here.
Or another way to get to the Supreme Court may be a line like this (in an opinion today):
"Assuming the Skidmore holding still remains viable—a question we need not decide but which the Supreme Court might want to address...."
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