Wednesday, December 14, 2016

January Appellate webinars

Looking for some great appellate MCLE webinars?
The State Bar's Litigation Section is presenting two next month, both one-hour lunch programs.

  • First, on Jan. 11 (noon to 1), How Your Request for a Statement of DecisionMay Make or Break Your Appeal. "Learn about the common mistakes frequently made both by trial courts and lawyers in the statement of decision process, and how that process impacts a subsequent appeal. The speakers will explain how to avoid common mistakes and how to handle the statement of decision process like a pro."
  • Second, on Jan. 20 (11 to noon), Your First Appeal: Tips From Inside the Courts of Appeal. "The presentation will cover the following topics:  starting an appeal, designating the record, appellate motions, e-filing, effective brief-writing, tips for oral argument, supplemental briefing, post-opinion options such as rehearing petitions and petitions for review, and internal procedures of the courts."

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