Thursday, December 15, 2016

All kinds of interesting things here...

Image result for banana republic2/4 just published an interesting Unfair Competition Law case here, authored by Justice Willhite and joined by Justice Manella, with a dissent by Justice Bigelow (yes, 2/8's PJ). Also of note, the trial court judge was LASC Judge Wiley (who's sat pro tem in 2/7) and counsel in the case included retired Second District Justices on both sides (from 2/5 and 2/1).
[Dec. 16 update: See in the MetNewsConsumers’ Action Against Banana Republic Reinstated Willhite Says Cause of Action Might Exist Even if Consumer, at the Time of Paying, Realizes That the Item Is Not Discounted; Bigelow Dissents]