Monday, May 16, 2016

New treatise on Advanced Appellate Advocacy

Front Cover - Advanced Appellate AdvocacyAdvanced Appellate Advocacy is "a new book that delves into the craft of framing, researching, writing and arguing cases on appeal at the Supreme Court and lower courts" by Carter Phillips, Jeffrey Green, and two Northwestern Law Profs. 'Don’t Scream,' and Other Advice for Appellate Lawyers and Law Students discusses the new book and provides pointers from some leading appellate advocates. Here's the TOC:

Chapter 1: Overview of this Book and the Appellate Process
Chapter 2: Getting to and Staying in Appellate Court
Chapter 3: The Standards and Scope of Review
Chapter 4: The Planning and Learning Phase: Digesting the Record and Spotting Issues
Chapter 5: The Planning and Learning Phase: Researching the Merits and Synthesizing Authorities
Chapter 6: The Planning and Learning Phase: Selecting and Refining Issues and Developing Arguments
Chapter 7: The Writing Phase: Developing a Personal Writing Process
Chapter 8: The Writing Phase:  The Basics of Judicial Audience, Rhetoric, and Persuasion
Chapter 9: The Writing Phase:  Framing Your Client’s Story
Chapter 10: The Writing Phase:  Structuring Arguments Beyond IRAC
Chapter 11: The Writing Phase: Framing Arguments Beyond IRAC
Chapter 12: The Writing Phase: Drafting Specialized Sections, Revising to Perfection, and Filing the Brief
Chapter 13: Special Types of Briefs
Chapter 14: Preparing for and Delivering Oral Argument