Monday, April 4, 2016

Gilbert submits & another DJ profile of note

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PJ Gilbert's latest column is titled The Illusion of Power, once again shows the human--ecce homo--side of being a judge.
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Also, continuing a string of appellate-related superior court profiles, the DJ shines its light on Judge Frank Menetrez, who previously worked as an appellate attorney at the Court of Appeal (2/1) and H&L and Sidley.

Don't forget that Wednesday evening is the LA County Law Library Beach of Justice Awards event honoring Justice Joan Dempsey Klein and Stephen English, with guest speakers PJ Lee Smalley Edmon, Judge (ret.) Margaret Morrow, and UCLAw School Dean Jennifer Mnookin.
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Is there a Trekker reference boldly hidden in this dissent?
Respectfully, I dissent. I am not prepared to go where no one has gone before, to find a California employer may be liable under FEHA for failing to accommodate a nondisabled employee’s request to modify his work schedule to permit him to care for a disabled family member.

For SLAPPsters out there, here's one explaining that SLAPP fees orders aren't independently appealable.