Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Cal Supreme Court to live-stream arguments

Image result for smile your on cameraAt the Lectern reports that in today's State of the Judiciary speech, the Chief mentioned that the Supreme Court will soon begin live-streaming its oral arguments. This is a very welcome development! Historically, only a few high profile cases were televised or webcast.
[Law360 has: Calif. High Court To Stream Oral Arguments, Top Judge Says, noting that streaming will begin in May; The Recorder offers Chief Justice Makes Case for Branch Upgrade]
[3/10 update: the DJ offers State High Court to Broadcast Oral Arguments: "The Court's decision to live-stream its regular oral argument sessions is a logical progression for its outreach efforts - using technology to open the courtroom doors to students, practitioners, and the public throughout the state and the nation," Frank A. McGuire, clerk of the state Supreme Court, said]