Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Judges join appellate boutiques

Today's DJ features New Long Beach Appellate Firm is a Family Affair, about how retired Justice Margaret Gignon has started a mother-daughter appellate boutique firm with Anne Grignon called the Grignon Law Firm. Law360 also covers the news in Former Reed Smith Attys Launch Mother-Daughter Boutique.

And speaking of former judges (and Reed Smith appellate lawyers) now at appellate boutiques, retired Judge George Schiavelli is now with the Moskovitz Appellate Team (M.A.T.).

Over at the Ninth Circuit, Judge Randy Smith begins a dissenting opinion with a reminder about horizontal stare decisis here (p.24):
Colleagues, even if you don’t like circuit precedent, you must follow it. Afterwards, you call the case en banc. You cannot create your own contrary precedent.