Thursday, January 14, 2016

New Cal Supreme Court Booklet available (& more ...)

The 7th edition (updated Jan. 2016) booklet guide to the California Supreme Court is available now right here. Seventy pages on the Court's internal operating practices and procedures, and overview of the Court's work, membership and history.

In national appellate news, Duke Law School takes over from SMU as the sponsor/co-host for the Appellate Judges Education Institute starting in 2017 (see here and here). The 2016 AJEI Summit will be in Philly this November. So if you're looking for great appellate MCLE, join the ABA's Council of Appellate Lawyers and attend the joint CAL/AJEI annual program.

Yesterday's DJ features GMS&R's Alana Rotter in Timing Is Everything In Court, about two recent opinions on deadlines: Garibotti v. Hinkle (re the statutory deadline to rule on a motion to vacate); M'Guinness v. Johnson (re the 180-days-to-appeal rule if the clerk's mailed-file-stamped copy of the judgment fails to show the date of service -- even if the clerk also serves a separate proof of service).
Speaking of the statutory deadline to rule on post-trial motions, another recent case of note (unpublished) is Laibco, LLC v. Strapp & Strapp.
For an appellate sanctions warning, see the last page here.

UCLA seeks moot court judges for Saturday, March 12 (MCLE credit given) here.

Image result for elephant in the office
An elephant in the room splits Div. 8?

[See MetNews article: C.A. Denies Bid to Shut Down L.A. Zoo’s Elephant Exhibit]
A reminder from the 3d DCA here: providing an adequate record for appeal means providing the relevant administrative record too!