Monday, November 9, 2015

Appellate courts as replay booths

How does Beds like the 21st Century?

I feel like some kind of post-millennial Rip Van Winkle. I took my old-guy afternoon nap and woke up surrounded by wild-eyed pistol wavers, acrobatic greed weasels and meth-addled Mad Hatters. Who are these people?

Get the full scoop here: A Criminal Waste of Space: Funeral Strippers? That's a Thing?
Image result for instant replay boothI guess at some point, I’ll have to consider retiring. At some point all this hard-core dain bramage will get to be too much for me. Unlike baseball, football and hockey, I can’t just go to the instant replay booth when things get too complicated. I AM the instant replay booth. That’s the job description for an intermediate appellate court justice.
Image result for purry mason

Also, somehow seemingly related, see in Saturday's WSJ, Moving Targets: Dumb & Dumber, Attorneys at Law, which begins: "Law schools are so desperate to fill classrooms that they are drastically lowering standards, according to a recent report by the nonprofit group Law School Transparency. The report says that many students may only pass the bar after numerous attempts -- if at all. So America may soon suffer a plague of dumb lawyers who have trouble spelling their own names. Purry Mason. Ben Matchlock. Clarice D'Arrow. That sort of thing."

Today's NLJ Legal Times runs Allegations of Panel-Rigging on Ninth Circuit Fail.