Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Justice Leondra Kruger program Nov. 12

This year's 2015 Bernard Witkin Lecture by the LACBA Litigation Section will be A Conversation with Associate Justice of the California Supreme Court Leondra Kruger, moderated by Presiding Justice Lee Edmon. Details on the Nov. 12 MCLE lunch program at the DTLA Omni are here.

Law360 recently featured 6 Tips for Maximizing Your 15 Minutes at the Federal Circuit.
Unlike some appellate courts, the Federal Circuit is known as a hot bench, and one very familiar with the law of the specific subject matters that come before the court. The article's tips are: Know Your Case Cold; Predict the Questions; Argue Only the Best of the Best [of your issues]; Know Your Audience; Keep it Civil; and Practice Makes Perfect.

Sticking with the 6-tips theme, Law360 also published The 6 Phrases that Should be Banned from Legal Writing. They are: ‘Wherefore, premises considered’; ‘Such further relief as the court may deem just and proper’; ‘By and through undersigned counsel’; ‘It is axiomatic’; ‘Moves this honorable court’; and ‘The great weight of legal authority’.

Last month (on Sept. 16) the Second Circuit issued an interesting decision in Weitzner v. Cynosure, Inc., 2d Cir. No. 14-723 9/16/15, reported in BNA under the headline: Obeying Judge's Rule Results in Forfeited Appeal; Holding: Equitable tolling of the federal filing deadline for notices of appeal wasn't warranted though the late filing was due to obeying a judge's rule. Apparently the judge had a rule prohibiting litigants from filing motions until they are fully briefed.