Wednesday, September 16, 2015

No RT, No Appeal...

The current issue of Los Angeles Lawyer features  a Practice Tips article titled The Necessity of Trial Transcripts in Appellate Proceedings (at pages 10, 12-13 here) by Blythe Golay and Angela Haskins of Haight Brown. One interesting line: "Ironically, eliminating the use of court reporters in proceedings may have the unintended consequence of increasing the trial courts' workload because without an official record, those courts may be required to produce a settled statement, a time-consuming and imprecise process."

Also in the same issue, don't miss OC appellate lawyer Jimmy Azadian on Floors, Ceilings, and Signs.

On the seminar front, 4/3's PJ O'Leary will be a panelist for The Rutter Group on Hot Topics in Elder Abuse Litigation on October 28 (6pm to 9:15) at The L.A. Hotel Downtown.
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