Thursday, August 20, 2015

Updated Guide to Creating Electronic Appellate Docs

The 2d DCA offers a new and improved guide, updated as of August 14:
For help with preparing electronic documents for filing with the courts, see the Guide to Creating Electronic Appellate Documents created by the Courts of Appeal.

Did you miss Dean Chemerinsky's lunch presentation to the Century City Bar Ass'n? Not a problem, why not go see him on September 1 at the Beverly Hills Bar Ass'n: An Amazing Time in the Supreme Court

Image result for to infinity and beyond
Have an appeal involving the interpretation of the English language? Don't miss To the Dictionary ... and Beyond! in today's DJ, by Judge Michael Raphael. Once you read this, you'll immediately head over to the Corpus of Contemporary American English to continue your research...

Old new is better than no news: In case you missed it, the Radisson in Fresno a couple blocks from the court of appeal -- which, since it opened in 1999, was probably the #1 hotel for appellate lawyers traveling to the 5th DCA -- is now (as of January 2015) a Doubletree by Hilton. So don't just ask your secretary to book you a room at the "Radisson in Fresno" or you'll end up a lot farther away from the courthouse than you were expecting.