Wednesday, July 22, 2015

JNE grades made public

Today's DJ and Recorder reveal the JNE Commission's evaluations for 2d DCA nominees Baker, Lui, and Segal.
The DJ offers Brown State Appeals Court Nominee Gains Critical Support, noting that Baker was rated "qualified" -- "It's a passing grade, but Baker is not at the top of the class. Two of the other Brown nominees [Elwood Lui and John Segal] drew 'Exceptionally Well Qualified' ratings .... Luis A. Lavin was ranked as 'well qualified.'"
"Presiding Justice Paul A. Turner's reported concerns about Baker's nomination were put to rest ... 'I will enthusiastically vote to confirm him,' Turner said, after reading the evaluations."
The Recorder's article, Judge Vetters Give Middling Marks to Governor's Pick, reports the same evaluations.