Friday, June 5, 2015

Funny Justices

SoCal is blessed with many highly entertaining--if not downright LOL funny--appellate judges, Kozinski, Gilbert, and Bedsworth to name just a few. But did you know that Justice Mosk does standup? The DJ reports that yesterday he gave a swearing-in speech to new members of the State Bar, and an adapted version of his comments appears in today's paper titled Every Lawyer's Free (to wear sunscreen). It's full of Catskills-worthy one liners:
Image result for justice richard moskActually, I have given up on advice from professionals. Some years ago, I went to my doctor and asked how long am I going to live. The doctor said, 60. I said, I am 60. He replied, "I told you so." I recently had a birthday. My grandson, who had been in the Middle East, said I was so old that when I was young, the Dead Sea was just sick. I had to remind him who was paying his tuition. 
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How'd you like these three as your appellate panel?
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In the not-so-funny department, The Recorder has Governor Gives Thumbs Down to New Judgeships, so 4/2 won't be getting a new justice any time soon...