Thursday, June 4, 2015

9th Cir.'s 2014 Annual Report now online!

2014 Ninth Circuit Annual Report Available Online!

In 80+ pages, the report covers the usual main topics: Circuit Overview, Judicial Transitions [new judges, judges gone senior, and in memoriam], Circuit Highlights, Space & Security, and "The Work of the Courts" (aka stats).
Key articles are: Live Video Streaming Now the Norm for Appellate Arguments (pg. 20); New Chief Judge for the Ninth Circuit (pg. 21); Few Vacant Seats on the Federal Bench (pg. 24); Judge Wardlaw Lectures on Judicial Philosophy (pg. 29); and Court of Appeals reduces Backlog and Processing Time (pg. 54).

"For all cases, the median time interval in 2014 was 12.4 months, down from 13.3 months the prior year." "Although the Ninth Circuit continues to be the nation's busiest appellate court, with 21.9 percent of all new appeals nationally, new filings were down 6 percent from the prior year." (pg. 2)

And here's something perhaps for next year's report:
Are you admitted to the N.D. Cal.? If so, your admission certificate is probably signed by Clerk of the Court Richard W. Wieking. He's been Clerk of that court for (only) the last 26 years. On September 1 of this year, he retires after a total of 42 years of federal service!