Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New 2d District Formatting Guidelines

April 7, 2015
New guidelines for formatting briefs, writ petitions and other documents

Formatting Guidelines
The Court encourages all electronic filers to comply with the following guidelines for briefs, motions, appendices, writ petitions and other documents filed in connection with appeals or original proceedings.

Pagination: Number pages consecutively beginning with the cover page of the document, using only the Arabic numbering system, as in 1, 2, 3. Do not use a separate pagination system for tables within the document. The page number does not need to appear on the cover page.

Bookmarks: Briefs, motions and petitions: In any document that contains a table of contents, the table should include an electronic bookmark for each heading to the corresponding heading in the text. A bookmark is a text link that appears in the Bookmarks Panel of Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat.

Appendices and exhibits: In any document that contains an index, including appendices and exhibits in support of writ petitions, the index should include an electronic bookmark from each descriptive document title to the first page of the corresponding document in the appendix or exhibits. Where appendices or exhibits are submitted in multi-part electronic files, each separate file should have a table or index stating the contents of that file. The table or index should include the bookmarks as noted above.